Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Slacker McSlackerson Makes an Appearance

So it has been quite some time since I have posted on this blog that no one reads, so I felt the need to put something in. It's been a busy few months since I got my Fiji placement - but nothing in regards to Peace Corps stuff. I think in the last month I will start to have to do things again, like get my flight to LA booked for staging and all that. There are lots of questions people have been asking me about Fiji that I do not know the answers too and I'm sorry! Some I do know, and I think I should do a FAQ section here, so here goes ...

Q: When do you leave?
A: I leave for staging on May 19th which is in LA, but then on the 21st of May, I leave for Fiji with the whole group of volunteers. I have gotten in contact with some via facebook, but this is my chance to meet them all, get last minute immunization shots, and sleep in a comfy bed for one last time.

Q: Where will you be living in Fiji?
A: No idea. They will tell me when I get there and they have figured out an assignment for me. Well, I have SOME idea - it will probably be on one of the main islands. I found out that due to unpleasant situations, women are not placed alone on the outer islands - they only go there if they are married and with their husband in PC.

Q: What language will you be learning?
A: In Fiji there are 2 main languages: Fijian (duh) and Hindi. There is a 40% Ind0-Fijian population so I could learn Hindi depending on who I will be working with. I don't know which language I will be learning.

Q: What will you be doing there?
A: I have been put in the position of "Environmental Resource Management Promoter" and I do NOT know what that means. :) There is a wide range of things I could be doing from environmental outreach, environmental surveys of reefs or mangrove forests, or even just cleaning trash off the streets. Who knows.

Q: Will you come back in those 2 years?
A: Probably not. It will be too difficult to get back.

So those are just a few questions I have been getting - the main ones I guess. Meanwhile, I have been working on the old thesis (dubbed Jake), going to Jackson Hole for snowboarding, visiting family in Chicago, and currently relaxing just outside of Boone, NC with some close friends. Life is good, but just waiting for comments back on the thesis to turn it downward again!

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Monocot said...

Since your an environment volunteer, you'll almost certainly be learning Fijian, not Hindi. Also most environment volunteers live in villages, but there are a few in urban sites. And right now, women are allowed to be posted on any island in Fiji except Kadavu. And don't count on doing any of the things you think you'll be doing. You might get to your site and all they want is a kindergarten or electricity. You never know where you'll be posted.