Monday, May 18, 2009

I leave .... NOW!

Hello everyone! I am just testing this whole video upload thingamajig. I leave for the airport in less than an hour and hopefully will have an uneventful journey over to Fiji. I am supposed to have limited communications while I am there so I am not sure when I will be able to let everyone know I am safe and sound. So just assume no news is good news. I had a nice last day in NC in which I had brunch with my dad, played video games with Mike and Jody, saw Jeff Dunham at the RBC center, and then munched on some Asian food with some more friends and family. And now my stomach is in knots. I keep getting asked "so are you excited!?" and my answer has been "I am tired!" And being the total geek that I made an graph of excitement level: there are ups and downs and I've extended it to beyond the time I am currently in (x-axis=time, y-axis=level of excitement). I am in the dip of excitement now because I am sooooo tired and just dreading the long journey there. There is a small increase in excitement I can expect when I arrive due to being so happy I am in Fiji, then a dip from the stomach parasites and lack of communication skills, then an increase to be expected in the coming months. :)

I am so bad with goodbyes, and can't even bring myself to finish writing this update! But I have to pack up the carry on because I need to leave in like 5 minutes! AHHhhhhhhh. Miss everyone already. Keep in touch! Write letters! Send hugs!


laminar_flow said...

Have a good trip. You will probably learn the song "Isa Lei".

Courtney said...

Yay, Juliana! I am now officially following your blog. Hope you had a great flight! Found your addy... now to figure out my Ugly Betty mission. :) Love and hugs!