Friday, June 19, 2009

Site Announcements ... CHECK!

Pictures on facebook. Click here.

What a big day ... we finally found out where we are going to be placed for the next 2 years of our service. I will be on the island of Ovalau which is off of the east coast of Viti Levu! I could NOT be more excited or happy with my placement. I don't know TOO much about it, but I was told I would get to monitor the Marine Protected area that has been set up by a previous volunteer. Also will be doing some other environmental education outreach, working on cleaning up their piggeries (the villages all have lots of pigs and they are RIGHT on the water, so we are learning to set up a compost piggery so that the waste from the pigs can be recycled as fertilizer! not the most glamorous job, but the MPA monitoring more than makes up for it I think!), setting up other income generating businesses, and more. I will be living in a traditional Fijian bure (for an example google image click here) and can't be more thrilled! I have heard that the other kinds of housing that I could have gotten are like ovens in the hot season. Just imagine living in a tin house in 90 degree weather! I do have water and apparently 24 hour electricity! So lucky. I can't wait to learn more.

I am going to finish up online and go grab some drinks with my friends to celebrate our site placements! I look forward to hearing from you guys. I wrote a few letters to some people but I need people's addresses to be able to write more! So email them on!

Tuli (this name may be changed because everyone keeps calling me Julie and you KNOW I hate that.)

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