Sunday, October 25, 2009

How Do YOU Stay Entertained on a Sunday?

The following videos are all ways I have found to entertain myself on days like Sunday when there is not much to do and you arent allowed to really do anything but relax. I relax during the week a lot so sometimes I get antsy. Enjoy "How Juliana entertains herself in Fiji" videos.

So I KNOW the fish got there by the tides before any of you smart science-y people try to tell me that. ;) But how did it just die, puff up, and end up on my walk!? It was pretty exciting on a Sunday when not much else happens.

SO after I made this video I munched on the "thing" for a bit longer and it turned out to taste not so bad. I got used to it and would eat another!

Douglas and Emma sent Simba a cat toy and I wanted to post this one so they could see how much he is enjoying it. It looks funnier to me to watch the video as you cant see anyone manipulating the fish.


Kytnrose said...

He's too cute! Love the marble! Thanks for doing this-- it gets me out of the crazy and into something I would never be brave enough to try! Debbie, from CBS in Greenville, NC, told me to check you out, and I love your blogs!

Kris said...

Hey Jules, you are so funny. I just watched your puffer fish video. Glad you're keeping yourself entertained. I feel like you've been in Fiji forever! But what an amazing experience. You are so awesome for doing what you're doing. Thanks for sending your updates!

Miss you,