Saturday, August 9, 2008

First Post

I've started this blog as a precursor to what I hope will be a blog coming to you from the Pacific Islands when I am in Peace Corps service. I am currently trying to finish up my master's thesis in Charleston, SC right now on coral's and DMSP production. I am an avid photographer and bike rider and enjoy trying to use my car less and less not only for the good of my heart, wallet, and environment but also because bike riding is a freeing feeling. Photography allows me to pretend that I am creative and artistic and leave the science part of my brain behind just for a little bit. I like shooting nature mostly, getting really into macro (close-up) stuff, and I like the idea of shooting close-up images of people's skin art (tattoos, duh). I hope the next post comes with some more exciting news - perhaps word of a completed experiment or plumetting over a waterfall in a barrel.

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