Sunday, August 17, 2008

Looking Science-y

Cultures Bubbling

My dad and I poking our heads through submarine holes.

Trying to crank the propeller of the Hunley.

So my parents will both be happy to know that today marks the completion of a long awaited experiment. No, I don't know what the big hold up was, but I'm glad to finally have accomplished something in my years at grad school. The photos are of my looking all science-y and part of the experimental set-up: Symbiodinium cultures being bubbled with air. In the next week I plan on spending more long days in the lab to analyze the plethora of samples that I collected. Hopefully a pattern emerges. My dad and stepmom were in town this weekend and I had a wonderful visit! We went to see the HL Hunley which I shockingly enjoyed! I am not a huge history buff as I do terribly with remembering dates. But I really enjoyed the story of the sub.On top of that, we ate many great meals and I have discovered my love of tilefish as well as rediscovered the wonders of creme brulee - the best desert in the world. That will be all for now considering I have a movie date to get to. If you havent seen Saved, I suggest you do.


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Maxwell said...

thats my sister.