Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh, have we not met?

I’ve lived in Fiji for 16 months, 13 of which have been on Ovalau. There are plenty of white tourists on the island, but for the most part I am one of few regular white people to be seen between Levuka and my village 20 minutes to the north. I am not conceited. I am not full of myself. In fact, I sometimes believe my self esteem to be lower than it should be. That being said – if you live on Ovalau, by this point you should know who I am! Even if we haven’t been formally introduced!! I am the short haired, slightly overweight white girl that walks around town 3 days a week and sometimes walks the 2 hours from town to my house. I’m famous!! People who I haven’t met call out my name in the street almost every day! Get with the program! I’m freaking Paris Hilton here!! With that in mind, I decided to generate the top 10 questions I always get asked, without fail. However, in the spirit of fun – I am going to give you the answers to these questions and you see if you can figure out the question – you know, Jeopardy style ( I was just watching old SNL celebrity Jeopardy skits).
  1. My name is Tuli. No, not Julie, TTTULI. Like, Tuliana. No, not Tulia either – Tuli. I will punch you if you call me Julie. I hate that.
  2. No I am not a teacher. I’m a Peace Corps Volunteer and proud of it! I teach at a school in town, but that does not make me a teacher.
  3. I’m from America, like all other Peace Corps Volunteers. No, not Australia, New Zealand, or England. America. You’ve heard of it, right?
  4. Yes I live here. In N****o village (not allowed to print the name of my village in a public blog) and have been here for over a year. Yes! I see you are shocked, but I have indeed been here that long. And I have one more year to go – so please remember all the answers to these questions so you don’t ask me again. Oh and spread the word.
  5. I do like my stay in Fiji. It is beautiful. I love it here. Know what I don’t like? These questions.
  6. No, the weather is not the same here as it is in America. I won’t go into the various climates in time and space that we have in the good ‘ole US of A, but no – it isn’t scorchingly hot and humid all over the country.
  7. I am not married. I don’t have a husband, boyfriend or a Fijian man that I “talk to often.”
  8. Sorry, I should have clarified – that isn’t an invitation. I don’t want to marry you. Or your cousin. Or your son/brother/uncle/dad or any other Fijian boy you have seen.
  9. I don’t live with Inoke and Sue. Just because there is one other white person that lives on my side doesn’t mean I am her daughter. I live in my own house. Haha, sure you can come over for grog one night (please don’t). Oh and I would like nothing better than to make you dinner with my limited supplies from America. Sure – I’ll come over to your house one day stranger that I just met.
  10. No really, I am happy being single for now. I am not married by choice. It’s OK. Please – I don’t want to marry “one Fijian boy.”
Please note, that my sentiment from the last gooey blog is still in full force and I appreciate everyday here - but that doesn't mean I don't have some right to get annoyed now again. And the time was now.

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